Basic Gas Chromatography

The Chicago Chromatography Discussion Group will hold its 46th annual Introductory course in Gas Chromatography Fall 2018.  Tentative dates are October 23-25, 2018. More information to follow.  The 3 day course is intended to give the students sufficient theoretical and practical background to perform independent work in Gas Chromatography. The course includes both lecture and laboratory sessions.

Half the course will be devoted to lectures encompassing all major areas of gas chromatography likely to be encountered by workers practicing in the field. The lectures will be presented by outstanding Chicago area industrial and academic scientists who are very active in this field.

This course will emphasize practical laboratory training in capillary GC. Gas chromatographs, supplied by leading manufacturers, will be available for the students. During the three day sessions each student will spend about five hours in intensive laboratory work in the areas of qualitative and quantitative analysis. The fee for the course will include lunch, text and laboratory manual.

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