Dinner Lecture, February 11, 2020

The Chicago Chromatography Discussion Group Presents:
Rich DeMuro
Waters Corporation

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Best Practices for UHPLC & UHPLC MS

Tuesday, February 11, 2020
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Mickey Finn’s Brewery
345 North Milwaukee Ave
Libertyville, IL

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The introduction of commercially available UHPLC systems in 2004 and the rapid adoption of its methodology and instrumentation fundamentally altered the landscape of the separations laboratory.  While the rules that govern the practice of UHPLC are no different than those that govern HPLC, a much stricter adherence to those rules is necessary.  In addition, the proliferation of mass spectrometers as LC detectors has required analysts to think carefully when transferring optical detector-based methods to LCMS platforms.  This presentation will review best practices for UHPLC and UHPLC MS. Specific topics of discussion will include tubing & connections, sample diluents, solvent purity, glassware cleanliness, contaminant ions as well as other tips & tricks to make a day in the lab less stressful.

Rich DeMuro, Principal Technical Support Specialist, Waters Corporation Rich joined Waters as a Technical Support Specialist in 2008.  Based in the Chicago area, he is responsible for the regional support of Waters separation, MS and informatics platforms as well as their applications.  During his 30+ year career in the analytical instrument industry he has worked extensively with a broad range of techniques while specializing in the field of liquid chromatography.  During his time at Shimadzu from 1987 – 2007, Rich’s focus was on LC hardware/software operational support & training. That focus has been maintained at Waters while also expanding to include separations development & mass spectrometry.  Rich earned a BS in Nutrition from the University of Delaware and is a past president of the Chicago Chromatography Discussion Group