Dinner Lecture, September 11, 2018

Title: GC Tips and Trick for Method Optimization

Abstract: This looks at what options are available when attempting to make the best GC method possible.  We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages we may see when making changes to our method and why these changes happen.  This includes the differences between carrier gasses, inlet liners, and what kind of influence changes to our column dimensions will have.  From this discussion, we will be able to make educated decisions on how best to achieve our desired goals and where to find resources should we have questions.

Location: Westwood Tavern and Tap 1385 N. Meacham Road Schaumburg, IL (Chicago Room)

Lecture Sponsor:

Who: Eric Pavlich


Bio:  Eric is a graduate from the University of Arkansas.  He started his career as a microbiologist for a pharmaceutical manufacturer and eventually migrated to more analytical chemistry techniques in dealing with polymer research and cosmetics.  In 2003, Eric joined Varian Analytical conducting sales for consumable supplies.  When Agilent acquired Varian in 2010, Eric took on the role of Application Scientist where he assists those in need of GC Application help.  Along with helping analysts optimize their methods, Eric also helps educate those that are trying to expand their knowledge in Gas Chromatography. (In-depth bio)

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