Sean Jameson

Speaker:   Sean Jameson, VUV Analytics, Austin Texas
Title: New Directions in Gas Chromatography Detection

vga-100The world’s first vacuum ultraviolet detector (VUV) detector for gas chromatography. VUV Analytics has made vacuum ultraviolet absorption available to the general scientific community. VUV absorption (120-240nm) enables powerful detection capabilities and a new unique orthogonal separation.

VUV Analytics will be presenting a general technical overview of the VGA-100, a new orthogonal GC detector that utilizes 3D absorption spectra from 120-240 nm, the so called Vacuum-ultraviolet range.  The VGA-100 is analogous in many ways to the diode-array detector that is ubiquitous in liquid chromatography.  However, for gas phase analysis the VUV range is far superior to the standard UV range for  selectivity and specificity and provides data that is competitive and in several ways superior to mass spectrometry.  Previous attempts to utilize the VUV spectrum for gas phase analysis outside of outside of synchrotron failed due to the challenges posed by oxygen diffusion because oxygen absorbs strongly in the VUV range.  The VUV Analytics development team has overcome these material science problems that had hindered the development of a usable VUV detector.   We will discuss the principles of the VUV absorbance detection methodology, the capabilities and characteristics of the detector itself, as well as current application data.

Bio:  Sean Jameson, Executive Vice President, Business Development
Sean Jameson, one of the five founders of VUV, has almost 25 years of metrology experience, specializing in optical and x-ray based technologies used for material characterization, yield engineering, and process diagnostics. He has held positions of CEO and VP of Sales at Metrosol, VP of Sales and Marketing at Jordan Valley Semiconductor and other technical and management positions at KLA-Tencor, Tencor Instruments, Prometrix Corp., and SEMATECH. Sean received his BS degree in Physics from Texas State University.