Virtual Meeting: January 20, 2021 6:00 PM CST

CCDG is proud to present Fred Foster from GERSTEL, Inc. as our next speaker. This meeting will take place on WebEx. Please click here for registration.

Automation: The next critical tool for scientists’ survival during the pandemic and during recovery.

Fred Foster, GERSTEL, Inc. Baltimore, MD

The pandemic forced everyone to learn how to continue to be productive while existing in a remote environment. As scientists, we were able to quickly adapt to virtual meetings, web conferences, and online connections, however, our workloads and the samples needing analyzed did not stop. There is still laboratory work to perform that is harder to complete remotely. When the vaccines are available to all, everyone has been vaccinated, and the ever-present “curve” has finally been flattened, the brick-and-mortar work environment will open again. Once that occurs, all the work that was delayed because of shutdowns, partial work weeks, and working from home will be waiting for all of us. We will need a way to do a lot more with less resources. That is why automating as much as possible will be critical.

This seminar, given in the first month of what will hopefully be the year in which we see the light at the end of the tunnel, will discuss how GERSTEL helps its customers automate their sample preparation and sample introduction methods in order increase throughput, get through the backlog of samples, and ultimately free up resources when they are needed most. The MPS roboticPRO is a highly efficient LC or GC autosampler with extended robotic functionality. It provides reliable processing of complex tasks including automation of liquid-liquid and solid phase extraction procedures and as well as other liquid handling methods.  Syringe holders and syringes are integrated in special syringe modules, which can be exchanged automatically within a running sequence when using the MPS roboticPRO for maximum flexibility. The entire system is controlled using the proven GERSTEL MAESTRO software in a simple and efficient manner.  Examples of some of the automated sample preparation options and how they are used to provide increased productivity will be highlighted.

Fredrick D. Foster, GERSTEL, Inc., 701 Digital Dr., Suite J, Linthicum, MD 21090, USA

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Fredrick D. Foster received his B.S in Chemistry from Juniata College and his M.S. in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University. Mr. Foster has more than 25 years experience in analytical and bio-analytical method development and analysis, working closely with industry and various U.S. Federal and State agencies. Application fields include clinical, food safety and environmental analysis, mainly based on HPLC and LC-MS/MS. Mr. Foster currently works as an Applications Scientist for GERSTEL, Inc. located in Baltimore, MD, helping to develop, demonstrate and train customers on automated sample preparation methods coupled to either HPLC or LC/MS/MS.