The Chicago Chromatography Discussion Group is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit organization committed to promoting an interest in -and providing a forum for- the exchange of information in all areas of chromatography. Founded in 1961 by several pioneers in gas chromatography, CCDG was the first chromatography discussion group in the United States. Our motto, Sharing in Knowledge, has been the key to the accomplishments of the past and the challenges of the future.

CCDG offers a program of luncheon or dinner meetings and all-day symposia which cover advances in the many facets of chromatography. Our courses in gas and liquid chromatography provide outstanding basic and advanced training through lectures and hands-on experience. Two scholarships are offered annually- one open to members’ children majoring in the sciences and one for students using separation techniques in their undergraduate or graduate research. This web site is designed to keep you informed of our activities and to provide a means of communication among our members.

We invite you to join CCDG, attend our programs, and visit the CCDG web site often to keep up with the rapidly advancing fields of chromatography!

If you would like more information on any CCDG function, please contact us at chicagochromatography@gmail.com.

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