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R&D Chemist Interns – Hiring 3 Interns

INX International Ink Company has an open position for an intern over this summer.   We are looking for a Chemistry student to work in our analytical lab this summer.  The intern position is a 90-day full time paid position, $18.00/hour.  INX International Ink Company is an ink and coatings company.  Our inks and coatings can be found on a myriad of products: aluminum cans, food packaging, and cosmetics packaging to name a few.

These positions will be at INX R&D with rotations through the different labs—solvent and water-based inks, UV/energy curable ink, and metal decorating inks.  Interns will have the opportunity to learn the different ink systems and begin to learn how to test physical properties—tack, viscosity, rheology, fade/weather testing, etc.

There will be opportunities for the intern(s) to conduct raw material analysis by GC/MS, DSC, FTIR, and particle size analysis.  We also have an LC/QQQ , DART-Tof, SEM, UV-Vis, and iN10 IR microscope.

Ideally, we would like to have candidates for the position after their junior year with the possibility of transitioning to a full-time position at the end of their senior year.  However, the positions are open to sophomores and seniors.  We want the position to be mutually beneficial, such that the intern also expands on his/her areas of interest.  Since we see internships as mutually beneficial, we see presentation of work integral to the internship by poster and/or oral presentation.

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