CCDG Merit Awards

The Chicago Chromatography Discussion Group Merit Award is given to an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of analytical separation science. Merit awards have been given to separations scientists from both academia and industry. Following are previous awardees and their specialty area.

Year Awardee Specialty
2009 Dr. Oliver Fiehn Metabolomics
2007 Thomas Chester supercritical fluid chromatography
2006 Edward Yeung Microcolumn separations
2005 Lloyd Snyder HPLC theory and practice
2004 John Fenn
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
electrospray for large biomolecules
2003 Georges Guiochon preparative liquid chromatography
2002 Jack O’Neill gas chromatography
2001 Dan Armstrong chiral chromatography
and microbe separations
2000 Jim Fritz Ion chromatography
1999 Jack Kirkland HPLC columns, theory
1998 Jim Jorgenson microcolumn separations
1997 Harold McNair GC/LC methodology, teaching
1996 David Nelson PC data systems
1995 Jerry King SFE/SFC methodology
1994 Ronald Majors HPLC columns
1993 Milton Lee cap GC/SFC columns, instrumentation
1992 Hamish Small Ion Chromatography
1991 William Pirkle chiral HPLC columns
1990 James Waters HPLC instrumentation
1989 Lockhart “Buck” Rogers GC,HPLC
1988 J. Calvin Giddings GC/FFF theory, instrumentation
1987 Peter Carr HPLC theory
1986 Denis Desty
1985 Walter Jennings GC columns
1984 Michael Grayson
1983 Milos Novotny HPLC,SFC
1982 Fred Regnier bio-HPLC
1981 Edward Emery
1980 John Perry
1979 Edward Perkins
1978 Leon Gershbein
1977 William Baitinger
1976 Glenn Nerheim
1970 Seaton Preston
1969 Charles Sweeney
1968 Evan Horning
1967 Oscar Hollis
1966 Lincoln Metcalfe
1965 Martin Beroza