Virtual Meeting: April 22, 2021 6:00 PM CST

CCDG proudly presents Merlin Bicking from ACCTA, Inc. as our speaker for our spring meeting that will take place on WebEx. Please click here for registration.

Your Autosampler Can Make Mixtures and Calibration Standards

Merlin K. L. Bicking, PhD, President and Senior Analytical Scientist, ACCTA, Inc.

We have automated or improved nearly every step in most chromatography methods, except for the preparation of calibration standards. High precision and accuracy methods still require Class A pipets and volumetric flasks, and large volumes of high purity solvents. This presentation will describe a simple procedure that uses a typical HPLC autosampler to prepare single or as multi-component mixtures of calibration standards at multiple levels. The method is most efficient when you have the ability to program the autosampler directly, but there are simple variations that can be developed without such programming. Multiple applications will be shown that demonstrate the ability to prepare standards that match manual preparations. This on-demand procedure has been successfully validated for GMP use and is an excellent alternative for high-cost standards.

Click here to view a poster preview of the presentation.

About the presenter:

Dr. Bicking has extensive analytical chemistry experience in academia, contract research, independent testing laboratories, consulting, and technical training. His professional history includes development of two EPA methods, as well as numerous methods in other regulated and non-regulated industries. His publications and presentations cover a wide range of topics, including liquid chromatography theory, derivatization, method optimization, and the use of experimental design strategies in analytical chemistry. He also develops and presents technical training seminars for analytical laboratory staff. He has been teaching the CCDG LC School for the last four years.

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